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My name is Jo Cook.

I am the Website Designer (& Owner!) behind Sun & Soil Design.

It was 2016 and I was a 19 year old college freshman trying to decide between three more years of crushing debt or making a life for myself. My guidance counselor introduced me to a free intensive online coding bootcamp as a solution to my problems. I dropped out of college and a year later, Sun & Soil Design was formed.

Thanks to my business, I’ve been able to travel the world (Have you ever been to Suzhou, China? It’s amazing), buy my first house, sell my first house, buy my second house, get married, have a baby and stay employed during a pandemic – all before the age of 25.

I’ve seen first hand the positive impact that being a business owner can have on a life. I’m delighted to be the website designer for small-to-medium size business owners who – just like me! – are trying to build The American Dream of financial independence, prosperity and happiness.

Why Business Owners Choose Us Over The Other Guys (& Gals!)

There are two main groups that your website needs to appeal to: your users (a.k.a potential customers!) and Google.

Some website designers build jaw-dropping, stunning websites that make users swoon – at the expense of making Google happy. This means that although the website is beautiful, there’s no easy way for users to find your website when they search for your services.

What good is a pretty website if no one can find it?

Sun & Soil Design combines beauty and strategy to give you the best possible website: one that is stunning to look at and follows Google’s requirements for showing up in searches.

Other website designers think making Google happy is the #1 goal. So, they completely disregard the value of a beautiful website. They build bland, by-the-book websites that bore their user, but rank higher because they integrate practices that Google appreciates. And although these websites are easier to find, their sub-par aesthetics don’t build credibility and trustworthiness for your brand. Users won’t want to stay on your website long enough to book your services.

Have you ever been to a website that looks like it was built when the internet was invented? Makes you wonder how legitimate the company is if their website looks like the online version of shag carpeting. Pass!

The Sun & Soil Design Team

We’re going to let you in on a little secret.

No one person is an expert at all things web creation.

And if they tell you they are, well, they are probably lying.

We don’t promise expertise across all fields from each of our team members. We’re a multi-person team, and each of us has a single skill we focus on. Our combined knowledge allows us to divide and conquer your website needs – from design, to search engine optimization, to content.

We leave things up to the experts.

It’s part of what makes our websites so gosh-darn good.

jo cook

Website Designer


Content Writer


SEO Specialist

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