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Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size For Your Business Page

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Social Media

two side by side iphones showing the proper Facebook cover photo size

My first attempt at a Facebook cover image for my business was one big thumbs down. I had included some information about Sun & Soil Design in my cover photo – but when I looked at my business profile on the Facebook app, I noticed that a lot of my words were cut off.

My cover photo wasn’t sized correctly to display all of my information in its entirety on both mobile and desktop.

I have since learned how to properly size my Facebook cover photos so important text doesn’t get cut off regardless if my viewers are on their laptop or their phone!

The ideal Facebook cover photo size for business pages

There are two dimensions we are trying to work with here. The Facebook cover photo size for desktop and the Facebook cover photo size for mobile.

The ideal Facebook cover image dimensions for desktop are 820 pixels (width) by 312 pixels (height) and for mobile they are 640 pixels (width) by 360 pixels (height). 

In order to have a Facebook cover photo that is wide enough for desktop (820 pixels) and tall enough for mobile (360 pixels), the overall dimensions of our cover photo needs to be 820 pixels (width) by 360 pixels (height).

Knowing that the Facebook cover photo size for mobile is different from the desktop size, we need to make sure to put all of our important content in the space where those two sizes overlap. The dimensions of the overlap will be 640 pixels by 312 pixels. 

How to make the perfect Facebook cover photo in Canva 

I’m going to walk you through how to do this on Canva but the process can be easily replicated in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. 

First, create a new design with our overall dimensions: 820 px by 360 px.

Next, we’ll want to drag a square element onto our board and use the mouse to resize the square until it is 640 pixels tall by 312 pixels wide.

We’ll click “Position” in the top right corner and then click “Center” and “Middle”. This will center our rectangle vertically and horizontally on our design board. 

Now we have a 640 px by 312 px rectangle in the middle of our design board. This is the space where we will put all of our important content because anything in this rectangle will show up on both mobile and desktop.

Any elements or text we put outside of this box on the left or right will show up on desktop but not mobile. And any elements or text we put outside of this box on the top or bottom will show up on mobile but not desktop. 

Here’s what my Facebook cover image looks like when designed this way. I gave my rectangle a transparency of 20% so I could see my elements and still have an indication of where my content needed to go. 

You’ll notice that not everything fits inside the rectangle. This is okay. The images that are outside of the rectangle on the left and right will still show up on desktop – they’ll just be cropped on mobile. The important thing is that all of my text fits in the box so I know that my text will show up in my Facebook cover photo no matter what. 

When I am happy with my design, I can delete the grey rectangle and save my design to my computer.

Then, I’ll upload it to Facebook and viola! 

It looks great on desktop and mobile. 

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I'm Jo Cook (she/her) - owner & head designer at Sun & Soil Design. I am a digital marketing entreprenuer from Michigan. I work with women lead, service based businesses to increase profits.

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