Hosting is the space on the internet you pay to put your website online. It is the ongoing process of storing web content like code, images, and text so users can view it. Every single website on Earth has a hosting provider. 

At Sun & Soil Design, we use Google Cloud Based Hosting. It’s the best in the business and trusted by giant corporations around the globe such as:

Best Buy




Home Depot

The Benefits of Google Cloud Based Hosting

Our hosting guarantees you a page speed score of 90 or higher (out of 100) on GTMetrix, which means lightning-fast load times and a high speed ranking. 

Having a fast website increases your site’s overall user experience, gets you more traffic, lowers bounce rate, and ranks you higher on Google.

Google started to incorporate site speed as part of its ranking algorithm in 2010. It continues to serve as one of the most important factors when determining where and how your site shows up on search inquiries for specific keywords. Without a fast site, you’ll get lost in the online abyss.

Here are the rates



Why can’t I supply my own hosting when working with Sun & Soil Design?

We require all our clients to use our hosting service because our packages include guarantees for website speed and SEO best practices. Since hosting is a big factor in those objectives, we can’t follow up on that promise if you partner with someone else for hosting.

Oh, and one more thing…

All of our clients receive a free SSL Certificate ($50 value) with their hosting.

SSL Certificates allow your website to secure data transfers, credit card transactions, logins and other personal information. 

Basically, we make make sure you’re website is fast and hella secure from hackers.

Slow Websites Lead To Revenue Loss

Approximately $2.3 billion dollars a year worth of lost revenue, to be exact.

The cost of a slow website is not affordable for small-to-medium sized businesses.

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