Join the Referral program

Receive money by referring Sun & Soil Design’s website services.

Earn a minimum of $100 per qualified referral!

Refer a friend for a new website.

When they sign a contract with Sun & Soil Design, you get 10% of their invoice as a finder’s fee!

Websites start at $1,000. That means you are guarenteed at least $100.

The larger the project, the more money you make!

Terms and Conditions

1. You or your referall person must mention that you referred them prior to signing their contact.

2. This is only valid for a full website design. It does not include referrals for logos, graphic design, photography, or making edits to a current website.

3. This is not valid for reoccurring fees such as domains or hosting or maintenance packages.

4. This is only valid if the person you refer signs a contract with Sun & Soil Design and pays their deposit.

5. I will send your referral money in full via PayPal once your referall has paid the entirety of their invoice.

6. The referral program does not include compensation for any future projects by the referred client or for any additions to the invoice for increased work after the initial quote.

7. Only one person can receive the 10% referral gift per referred client.

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